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So..a couple of weeks ago I took my DIY-skills completely to the test. I recently moved into a new apartment with two incredible friends of mine (the craziest girls in town, I suspect), and we were in need of a dining table. We had this old and poorly painted table already, but new a new apartment called for a new table! So I appealed to my dad’s creative side (and his love for creating stuff with wood), and we got to work! Off we went to buy the necessities – wood, driftwood stain, sand paper and these table legs from Ikea (seriously, how nifty is Ikea in times like this?)

Start with cutting the wood into the preferred length. We cut mine into 8 planks that were 2 meters long each – which made the table 1 meter wide.
We then glued and nailed them together before I got started with the sander. (Test of patience was what it was.)
Next I applied two coats of driftwood stain – I used Lady Patinagrå from Jotun. The table had to dry for 24 hours before I could apply the second coat.
We had a few problems with the legs I bought at Ikea, but with a few adjustments it was finally steady. So two days and $50 later, we were a homemade, one-of-a-kind-table richer. Is it bad to say that I am a bit proud? Oh, I do love grey 😀
I promise you – if I can do it, anyone can!

So … what DIY project should I do next?
These painted Mason Jar Vases perhaps? Or maybe Chalkboard Placemats?
Uh oh..this could be expensive 😉

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