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Guys, I’m a music junkie. I can not get through a single day without it. At work, in the car, in the shower, before I go to sleep, when I’m cooking – I need it. I’m also slightly unstable when it comes to my music taste. I’ll play rock music from the 70s  (‘ello Slade) right after playing christian hard rock (cue Skillet). So you can’t label my music taste to any particular genre or style really. (I will exclude heavy metal though. That stuff doesn’t work for me.) If I had to choose, I would probably prefer alternative rock. My uncle says the Smiths are the only good thing to ever come from Manchester –  the two of us have had a Manchester United vs. Liverpool dispute going on for years. Still, the Smiths are the business.

I won’t claim to always be up to date on the the latest tunes in music, but my style is pretty much a mix of everything. I still listen to Toto like my dad did when I was a kid, to the soundtrack of the Holiday that I listened to every time I had a test to study for in high school (the lack of lyrics kept me focused), and brand new songs that I pick up. And though I resisted it for a while, I agree that Spotify Premium is probably the best thing that has happened since french toast. I love it.

So, here’s what I’ve been listening to this past week. A mix of everything 

1. the Civil Wars. (the best album in the history of ever.) 2. Cider Sky – king 3. for King and Country – crave 4. Hillsong – cornerstone 5. Leeland – the great awakening

Folkens, jeg er musikkavhengig. Uansett hvor jeg er eller hva jeg gjør – jeg trenger det. Ikke klarer jeg å bestemme meg for en favorittsjanger eller type heller. Så jeg hører litt på alt mulig rart. 70-talls rock (Slade) rett etter kristen hard rock (Skillet) – funker det vel? Jeg hadde vel foretrukket alternativ rock om jeg måtte velge. Onkelen min sier at the Smiths er det eneste fornuftige som har komt fra Manchester. United vs. Liverpool-diskusjon much? Jeg må si meg enig i at the Smiths er fantastiske da. Takk og pris for Spotify Premium sier jeg – det beste som har komt siden french toast. Så, midt i min mix av favorittsanger og artister, her er det jeg har hørt på i det siste. En salig blanding …

Check out some of the artists, okay? They could bless your heart.

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