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Trusting that God will how us His plan for our lives is not always easy.
I constantly try to take over and fight my own battles, thinking I’ve got to handle things myself. How many times does God have to remind me: “Listen, I’ve got this one. Just trust me.”

I’ve come to realize this fall that I have to trust that God has put me where I am for a reason. I am where I am because God wants me to do something here. And even though I don’t know what His plan is, I have to trust that He will show me. That in His perfect time, He will show me what He’s doing with my life. Trust that what God wants me to do is to keep doing my work for His kingdom.

This week I’ve been watching a sermon series from Elevation Church called Greater, based on Pastor Steven Furtick’s book Greater. And he had some great points:

  • Greater is the life changing understanding that God works in everyday life.
  • Most of us are not in danger of ruining our lives. We are in danger of wasting our lives.

I  also loved when he said: “Faith is not a lottery ticket, it’s a work order.”

Over and over again God keeps telling us to trust Him, to keep doing what we’re doing – even when we don’t see where He is going with it. Don’t keep thinking that being somewhere else, with someone else or doing something else will make it easier to see God move in your life. God wants you to be where you are. He wants to show you great things in the work that you do.

The semons this week have truly blessed my heart. I hope you will take an hour out of your day to watch one (or all of them!). You might just feel..reinvigorated 🙂

Hope you all have a GREATer day!

>>> Elevation Church, GREATER

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