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I think that by now you’ve realized fall is here.  And with that comes fall decor. I for one have been drooling over the beautiful burlap pennant banners that I’ve seen all over the web, and a couple of weeks I decided to make not one, but two. (I have been a bit slow about hanging them up).

The first one says BELOVED. Because the first thing I need to be reminded of every morning when I wake up is that I’m loved. So that one hangs over my bed (and my new headboard). Probably my favorite.

The second one says SWEETS. Because my birthday is in a week (exactly) and I’m planning to have a candy and cake-buffet at my party. Birthday shenanigans-alert people. But for now it hangs above my clothes. (They are pretty sweet too.)

This is what you need:
Black marker

This is what you do:
Cut out about 20 pennants from your burlap. Use a stencil or letters on your computer (just open Word, type the letter and place your pennant over the screen) to trace letters on them. I used my computer because of lack of letter stencils. Fill in the letters with black marker. Take your twine and sow your pennants on side by side. Hang it up and see how pretty simplicity can be! I for one, love the natural look of it all.

And yes, the little monkey in the picture is me. Gotta love the palm tree on top of my head, huh? Hey, while you’re at it – check our my new, homemade headboard!

It’s very simple, just the way I wanted it. I conspired with my dad and brother in-law a couple of weeks ago, and we all made one each. There are loads of DIY-explanations on this all over the web, just google it and you’ll see 🙂

For et par uker siden lagde jeg både vimpler og hodegavl hjemme (godt med så mye fritid etter praksis ass..). Det er utrolig enkelt, og veldig lekkert syns jeg. Den ene står det BELOVED på (fordi jeg når jeg våkner må minnes på at jeg er elsket), og den andre SWEETS på (egentlig lagd til bursdagsfesten neste uke, men pryder nå veggen over klærne, som også er ganske sweet). Finn litt strie, en tusj, saks, tråd og stensiler med bokstaver på (evt en data) og sett i gang! Og sjekk ut den hjemmelagede hodegavlen jeg, paps og svoger lagde – tre hodegavler på to dager. Effektivitet for the win!)

Have a GREATer day!

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