life // 01. 10. 13

i live for autumn. sort of. it has been my favorite season ever since i was a little girl. going for walks, breathing in the crisp and fresh autumn air, savoring every magical colour. spending hours in bed reading under a blanket, lighting up the fireplace for the first time. pulling out boots from the back of the closet and tightening the scarf even more as the chilly air clings to my neck. wandering around in the city aimlessly, feeing completely invisible among thousands of strangers.

i live for moments when i can just be amazed by the colors, the smells, the faces and the magical moments that God puts in front of me every day. and in a world that revolves around goals, stress and getting as quickly as possible from one place to another, failing to recognize anything as we go, i refuse to let stress and responsibility choke me and rob me of moments of magic in everyday life. life is far too beautiful to be ignored.

oslo globe coffeefoccacciaorange camsomaly post scriptum: this book, the road of lost innosence by somaly mam, has completely changed by heart. never before have i been as disturbed, shaken, heartbroken, uplifted and encouraged as when i read this. she is an inspiration, a true heroine and an incredible role model. if you read only one book this year, let it be this one. {get it here}

with love, lydia kristin


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